Google Drive Locked Again!

Update: Drive will be back in few days,then you can download again.

Hi everyone,my google drive account was blocked again..i will move to another account,so please wait..and sorry for problem.

You can try to download from another host,while waiting for google drive restore eg: Kbagi , 1Fichier , Filerio..


20 thoughts on “Google Drive Locked Again!

  1. Kbagi is better in my opinion, especially if you use download manager.
    because your download doesn’t expire (it may expire if you left it paused for 1-2 days).
    while gdrive expires your download if you’ve left it paused for a few hours, and you need to renew it everytime it expires.

    1. The problem is kbagi is blocked in some countries, and many ppl can’t opt to use vpn because it’s slow & limited unless you pay
      There’s also some free filehosters like fichier but some ppl still need gdrive nonetheless

      1. You can use this Site:
        There no download limit or speed limit, Try it
        Hope it help 🙂

        1. kbagi not only needs to fix something, but pgrade aswell, the last time i downloadedsomething via their service all i got was a mere 200KB/s, 1fichier usually gives around 1-2MB/s and gdrive offers around 20-25MB/s (same with uploaded due to my p-acc there)
          so imo kbagi is one of the worst options^^

          1. ehhhh, srsly? well i have a slow connection so i only get 200-300kb/s or 400 if i’m lucky. ;-; someone give me better wifi for my christmas present please T-T

          2. aren’t there any affordable LTE or cable options availible where you’re living?

          3. pfft we’re aready on lte but it’s still shit xD.
            and yes ph is that unfair with internet bandwidth. ;-;

          4. and here i am being annoyed because my provider has encountered some problems lately and i’m only getting like 2-3MB/s >_< but well, 3 more months until they upgrade their local hub and i'm gonna get access to 400mbit =P

          5. fuuuuuuuuu ;-; 400mb/s NUUUU i won’t accept it!! it’s…o-obviously fake right?… RIGHT!?

          6. nope, it’s for real and will cost 40€/month, just 5€ more than my current 150mbit option^^

  2. Hmmm hope things get up and working soon. One of my favourite sites.
    To note i usually have to use 1Fichier as that’s the most reliable for me 99% of the time.

  3. before I remember he said gdrive only available for VN only. now new update. better gdrive might be no longer available here.

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