Glasses Girl: Girls in Glasses

It’s spring and the start of another school year for our protagonist, Hidekazu Akechi though he seems unenthusiastic about it. Nevertheless, his childhood friend Kana, tries to encourage him to look to this being a time of change and new beginnings. As he spends time with Kana, the ever so serious school president Kotomi, and Iroha, a quiet bookworm, perhaps something beyond friendship will grow between him and the girls.

TitleGlasses Girl: Girls in Glasses
Original titleグラッシーズガール Girls in Glasses
Publishers nostalgia


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23 thoughts on “Glasses Girl: Girls in Glasses

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  1. i play this game ,when in aquarium with iroha ,the game directly finished .why?
    sorry for bad english

    1. In both of maps exist an arrow, south in the school map, and north in the city map. These arrows move you to the other map and vice-versa. I got stucked too, some scenes are in the city map and the game show you the school map

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