Give an imp a chance

Give an imp a chance is a new visual novel about John Johnson, a frustrated salaryman. After weeks of preparation, he is finally ready to summon a succubus. However, he botches the ritual and summons an imp. Despite his initial disappointment, the imp begs him to give her a chance.

GAIAC has multiple hentai scenes and several startling transformations, along with a light hearted story about demon summoning and how dramatically life can change when you meet the right person.​


Release Date: 2021-03-01
Developer: BuxomDev
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English



Size : 248MB


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1 thought on “Give an imp a chance

  1. Short, sexy, made me chuckle. Art is a 7, Music a 5, Story… 6? not bad, not good, it almost reminded me of a flash game, after the intro there’s a bit of dialogue, then a sex scene, followed by a bit of dialogue and another sex scene. if it’d been a like 50% longer, had a few more CG and leaned into the comedy a *Bit* more I think it would’ve come out better overall, but as is it’s one of those that you play in one go and forget.

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