Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ HD Renewal Edition

It’s spring once again and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It’s the season of the beginning of a new life. The protagonist has lots of fun being with his guy friends, but he wishes for something more: a girlfriend! It’s not only him that has these kind of feelings, the girls around him also feel the same way. He aggressively pursues those close to him since love won’t come to those who wait.

TitleFureraba ~Friend to Lover~
Original titleフレラバ ~Friend to Lover~
AliasesFL, Friend Lover
LengthLong (30 – 50 hours)
Publishers Smee & Kaga Create Co.


Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ HD Renewal Edition Download


GDrive goto openloadgames.com


26 thoughts on “Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ HD Renewal Edition

  1. due to a time difference I’m posting a comment on the 2nd while this game wont come till the third! (Insert corny evil laugh here) thanks for another new title Athena

  2. This VN is pretty good. The characters are likable and have actual personality, not just like “this one is tsundere, this one is dandere” something like that. Had fun. The transition from friend to lover is too fast without enough meaningful or large event happened. But still, I really enjoyed it.

    1. Chill. Kbagi is pretty reliable in the meantime, but rushing the Admin on Gdrive could put them in a tight spot, so be patient.

      1. actually. I’m not. I just joking. I just like this ” wait until next year for GDrive pal” 🙂

  3. just finished playing!! i would rate this as a masterpiece!! 10/10 i never laughed, cried, heart warmed like this before! :3 (it’s only my opinion though.. it’s up to you whether it’s good or not)

    1. i can’t open the .exe file … thats automatically close when im opened it..
      any solution for this.. im dl from ur gdrive.. imusing win10… Please someone

  4. Hey, it’s a little akward question but in my version the girls are always naked, and to be honest it disturbs me a little. Is there any way to turn it to normal, like them wearing actual clothes outside the hscenes?

      1. I’ve got no idea but looks like i’m not able to use the other one lmao
        I even tried it from another source and it’s the same

  5. i can’t open the .exe file … thats automatically close when im opened it..
    any solution for this..
    .. imusing win10… Please help me

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