Fuck women by hypnotism

An ADV game where women are hypnotized in various ways into r*pe!!

Boring prologues, needlessly long story and bothering choices are
all put aside, H scenes start just after a short situation explanations!

Especially recommended for those who put fappability before background story.

– Brainwashing sex in a religious seminar
– Hypnotizing sex with passerby woman
– School teacher enslaves a schoolgirl
– Hypnotize and r*pe a female teacher as a revenge
– Sex using hypnotizing camera
– Establish a harem using hypnotism
– Hypnotize and r*pe schoolgirls you like
– Cuck neighborhood married woman
and more…


Title: Fuck women by hypnotism
Developer: SOON
Publisher: SOON
Release date: 24 Jul, 2017
Version: Final
Language: English (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)





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