The Fruit of Grisaia – Unrated Edition

In this place of learning, protected by high walls from the outside world, there arrived
a single young man who’d lost his purpose in life. He’d lost sight of what he wanted to protect.

Title: The Fruit of Grisaia
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Developer: Frontwing
Publisher: Sekai Project
Release Date: 30 May, 201
Rating: 18+
Language: English


The Fruit of Grisaia – Unrated Edition download

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28 thoughts on “The Fruit of Grisaia – Unrated Edition

          1. i played it like 6 months ago… but i delete the skidrow release… and download the first press kickstarter release 😀
            and ive done the same with clannad 😀

        1. Im actually haven’t tested it yet, my vn library got bloated that I had to finish some first…

      1. which one should i download, this one or “Grisaia no Kajitsu patched ver., which contains no mosaics which is clearly nice”

  1. check this link for installation guide, just remove the spacing I’ve made in order to make it a proper link.
    https :// sekaiproject.freshdesk .com/support/solutions/articles/6000140446-installation-guide-for-the-fruit-of-grisaia

  2. Don’t use the Filescdn link its totally corrupt, the virus it launched practically killed my computer. It not only disabled the internet, it disabled my default virus protection. Even system restore wouldn’t work so if i didn’t have Norton security then i’d have needed to scrap the computer itself.
    Obviously that’s what you have to be prepared for with a site like this but i just don’t want anyone to repeat my stupid mistake.

    1. thanks. normally if I pirates something I usually test it on virtual machine. specially games not crack from steam. game not from steam is untrusted if pirated. this game is from steam but non-eroge only. this is eroge it must be japanese version and crack + english pre-patch (import from non-eroge). that’s what I’m thinking if anything wrong don’t be piss and rude. 🙂

  3. Kumpulbagi is the fastest of the 3 (filescdn doesn’t work and is a suspected virus trap) links. Downloaded in 1.5 hours.

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