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One day, a girl transferred into Kyouhei Yanase’s class: his childhood friend who moved away when they were young, Sayuka Kouenji. While Kyouhei was happy to see her again, Sayuka seemingly pretended that he didn’t exist.
Just then, out of nowhere, the evil intergalactic empire Dai-Lust began their invasion of Earth!
Upon seeing their advance forces, Sayuka rushed into a nearby back alley, where Kyouhei, having chased after her, found her absorbed in masturbation. He was so taken aback by this that he yelled in surprise, and Sayuka, having noticed his presence, immediately screamed in orgasm before being enveloped by a dazzling light that transformed her into Earth’s mightiest warrior: the angelic Escalayer!

  • Title: Choukou Tenshi Escalayer
  • Original title: 超昂天使エスカレイヤー
  • Length: Long (30 – 50 hours)
  • Year: Japan 2002-08-02, English Version 2020-06-11
  • Developer: Alice Soft
  • Publisher: MangaGamer
  • Language: English
  • Voice: Japanese
  • Uncensored/No Mosaics


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