Free download CONTAMINATION: Corrupting Queens Body and Soul

There is only one battle against the Lasso boss. This is a game where you explore the royal castle where the curse is sealed, collect materials for human body modification items, and watch erotic events as you learn hypnosis, memory manipulation, and fascination spells.
You can have sex with various characters such as a widow, a shorty, etc. and make them pregnant (it is not a human child that is impregnated). You can see it.
You can see all the event conditions from the beginning, and you can enjoy masturbation easily because it has the function to unlock all scenes and recollect all scenes.
Enjoy the story of a princess who is tricked by an evil person, whose mind and body are contaminated, and who eventually becomes the source of the curse and falls into a world where she can act according to her own pleasure.​


Release Date: 2020-07-13
Developer: GFF DLsite
Censored: Yes (mosaic)
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)



 Filecrypt folder password: hddgames


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1 thought on “Free download CONTAMINATION: Corrupting Queens Body and Soul

  1. tidak bisa didownload melalui link Pixeldrain-Uploaded-Uptobox-Racaty-Megaup, stuck di filecrypt karena seperti biasanya selalu meminta klik open circle tapi tidak ada satupun circle yang muncul.
    lalu saya coba menonaktifkan semua adblock, circle muncul tapi ketika diklik sitenya terdeksi berbahaya oleh antivirus, tentu saja saya gak mau ambil resiko adblock mati + antivirus harus mati juga. download di HDDGAMES kok makin kesini makin ribet.

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