Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne ~Loathsome Lewd Degeneration~

Not good at studying, bad at sports, being a game addict and having weak communication skills, weak and always abused, corrupted by feelings of jealousy and negative emotions – that is the personality of our protagonist, Tendou Rinne.
The polar opposite of Rinne is Takano Hijiri, her popular classmate with an honor student’s personality, and who also wants to become Rinne’s friend.
But Rinne hates Hijiri from the bottom of her heart.
Title Gedou Mahou Shoujo Rinne ~Akuin Akka~
Original title 外道魔法少女りんね ~悪淫悪化~
Aliases Evil magical girl Rinne ~lewd evil Corruption~
Length Short (2 – 10 hours)
Developer Valkyria
Publishers Valkyria

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