Across the virtual realm of SE.RA.PH, Masters of digital magic commanded their Servants, great heroes and villains of history and lore, to fight in the Holy Grail War. The prize was the “Holy Grail” itself — aka the Moon Cell Automaton, a lunar supercomputer with the power to grant any wish.
Though the war has ended, with the Servant Nero and her Master on top, all is not well. Not only is Nero’s rival Servant already leading an uprising, but a new challenger waits in the dark, ready to tear through reality itself to strike at her heart.
Nero prepares to defend her new throne. Beside her stand her Master and a few loyal allies. Ahead lies not only an ocean of enemies, but an ancient secret far more terrible than any war…
Title: Fate/EXTELLA
Genre: Action
Developer: Marvelous Inc.
Publisher: XSEED GamesMarvelous USA, Inc.
Release Date: 25 Jul, 2017


OS: Windows 7+
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space


Fate/EXTELLA Download

Size : 4.8GB

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33 thoughts on “Fate/EXTELLA

      1. the funny thing is, that i’m on x64 and still get that exact error message every now and then (well, only with pretty old games but still)

    1. Solution : 1. update your drivers.
      Solution : 2. If the problem only began after updating your graphics driver then try reverting to a previous driver/rollback (again choosing ‘clean install)

      1. Uhhh… none of that is private identifying information. It’s literally just hardware specs – the sort one would post on any hardware troubleshooting site/forum.
        I’m guessing you don’t know much about computer security, huh?

        1. I just checked your screenshot and I can see nothing is that important like you’re talking about but.
          I think on that day I want say is at least they got a little about your pc hardware. of course with that info cannot hack from the distant but a few expert like the guy who sit next to me in the IT classroom is well I cannot say he’s a hacker. but school has security and student log in as student not admin. but I saw he created unathorized administrator account.

          1. You can’t hack a random computer just by knowing the basic core hardware. There’s no IP address, no network information, and even the computer’s name is a generic stock name shared by thousands of stock PCs.

          2. didn’t I say your info from screenshot is not important. so what are you talking? I’m out

        2. and again yes. those hardware info is not important.
          ” give the public your PC INFORMATION” PC INFORMATION on that time I meant you giving public your hardware info. but you said it’s not important then…
          I’m out. ignore me.

  1. Question, the game tries to get opened from Steam, and obviously, I don’t have this game in steam. Should I have downloaded it from somewhere other than torrent? Did I maybe accidentally remove a file/was my download corrupted (which might be the case if nobody else had this problem)?
    If this is common, how do you solve it?

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