Evil Days : Pound Of Ground

Johnny Meyer, the main hero of the game finds himself at an abandoned farm in the desert. He remembers nothing. Why is he here? Why are his hands equipped with a baseball bat? And why are there so many zombies roaming around? He has found a car and a pistol and is heading into his native Snake City. Almost all of the residents of the town have disappeared or escaped. The few that remain have told Johnny that the zombies have established some strange generator that emits yellow fog. Anyone who comes in contact with this fog becomes a zombie.

  • • The original mix of almost all of the game genres combined in a single project.
  • • Tasty western – with crowds of fighting zombies and a large selection of weapons.
  • • Racing in the mid-western desert.
  • • RPG-elements: an opportunity to make improvements in car-transformer and weapons.
  • • Mad history of the zombie invasion with non-political, and black humor.

[su_spoiler title=”Gameplay” style=”simple”]





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