http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ209760Title / タイトル: Eliminator カエデさん / Eliminator Kaede
Brand / ブランド: モヤシ技研 / Moyashi Institute of Technical Research
Release / 販売日: 2017/10/01


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35 thoughts on “Eliminator

  1. all the video i got on YT about this game, i can’t see any hentai part except peeing in a toilet. so? what’s so “eroge” about this game?

    1. It’s a game focused on Horror Survival FPS, the Eroge part is where she uses some *cough* toy inside a box when lying down on a mat situated at the very beginning of the game (you need to unlock the Action before though). Sadly there’s no “Sexual Intercourse” but the gameplay is fun and entertaining enough to make me overlook that lack.

  2. can you upload it to kutugucum or diskokos and GDrive for the high size game. hemmmm just hoping hahaha.. nice 3rdps ero.

  3. as usual archive is damaged …. most games on this site are broken idk why :/
    if it’s just me having this problem tell me how to solve it may be!

      1. not really … my connection is good, I’ve found the solution: just extract the compressed files with 7-zip NOT winrar … btw many of the files here on this site are similar and have the same issue. at least that what happened with me :/ …

    1. WinRAR and RAR files in general are very fragile things… might be your connection, or you may need to update/reinstall if the error persists.

  4. So… from the looks of the official site (I couldn’t read it, sorry, but the pictures were pretty damn… revealing. God I wish we could italicize in disqus…) you play as an exhibitionist in the middle of the apocalypse, and yeah, it’s not just shooting shit. play the damn game or learn another language if you really need to know more.

        1. It’s html code tags.(I put a ! in front of the so you can see what I type, do not type the “!”) You can italicize the words by typing “whatever words” !. Remember to put a at the end of what you want to italicize or it will just italicize the entire thing. You can also bold or underline the text by replacing the “i” in the with b or u respectively.

  5. For those who have broken files after dl-ing, is your winrar ver. is 5.50? Because most of the DL sites i frequented always puts up “if your winrar is <5.50, you'll get broken file instead".

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