Eiyuu*Senki English Voices and 18+ Content Fully Restored

Conquer the world with an army of moe moe girls in this highly-anticipated adult strategy game. As leader of the island nation of Zipang, you find yourself in a world full of cute and powerful girls, all of whom are based on real historical figures.
Title Eiyuu*Senki
Original title 英雄*戦姫
Length Long (30 – 50 hours)
Developer Tenco
Publishers 5pb. & Tenco , Fruitbat Factory ,Buz Trans Group & Studio Daoluong
Shares characters
Sengoku Rance


Eiyuu*Senki download

Eiyuu*Senki [English Patched, Version 1.05, Patch Version 1.3.2, Voices and +18 Content Fully Restored]




45 thoughts on “Eiyuu*Senki English Voices and 18+ Content Fully Restored

  1. is this have h scene cause the last time i dl this it dont have hscene even though im 100% complete it

  2. Hello Athena, i heard that the latest patch is 1.4.03, if possible could you upload the new patch?

        1. “Eiyuu*Senki English, Voices and 18+ Content Fully Restored”
          it’s probably something like this instead of english voiced

  3. the 18+ scenes really recovered but it’s untranslated, any news on the 18+ scenes to be translated?

  4. Hello guys i know this might be late but I’m already in turn 58 and the only h scene i can see is Himiko. Little help please?

  5. Wouldn’t call this game best game of the year. The story is good but sex is terrible, to many kids in it. They should be older. I think be better game if you remove the 18 content.

  6. is there any new english patch?bcause some of the text still in japanese.
    sry for my english if i type it wrong

  7. mega:///#!4YlCkRCK!n56Jys6uCTGjq3bmaBxNesr00_K4475ymDLXWNHkN2U
    for the H-scenes. I forget where i got them. but it was from a quick google.

  8. no google drive or mediafire or mega. are you trying to kick visiter out. because this is not what they want. all link above is litmited speed. download will take forever

  9. Copiapop is fine. a little like google drive it’s just that you need to log in and click free download. then, leaveit

  10. Fucking liars.This is the version with no H-Scenes.
    Played the game until Macedonia and the only H-Scene I got was Himiko’s.

    1. really need help here the only thing I’ve got is some picture of a girl and when i left click on it i get some weird thing that looks like an installer but then it fails what do i do

  11. okay my question is two fold i downloaded the update but i don’t know where to put it there’s nowhere with .cpk to replace so i was wondering where to put it and also i got a scene where it looks like someone just took a screenshot and made a scene out of it the part I’m talking about is where you drink wine with nobunaga and i was just wondering if that’s normal or not

  12. I think it’s should be english text from fan sub patch not voices. oh maybe the fan is doing english voices. that’s great hell yeha

  13. I download that game and finish it but with eng sub but I want English voice patch please can someone help me with that

  14. For anyone wanting the new JAST Eiyu*senki 18+ Version. A mega link is available on F95:
    Mega Link: https://mega.nz/#!EOwgwJrQ!SogJy4UZXTWbQP9cVDaSU0OHw75c5Il5lmOBrSePbxA
    Don’t forget to download the Patch and Bug fixes from JAST Website. Its free, just copy to your game directory and run. Should update v 1.00 to latest atm v 1.03
    JAST Website:

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