DynaMarisa 3D

Marisa has been caught in Patchouli’s library yet again, and this time her response was of epic proportions: having evidently learned from the game “MegaMari” that merely turning the library into a castle isn’t enough, she’s decided to go all-out to eliminate our beloved book-borrower from her library once and for all – she’s hired tons of high-tech help and enchanted the place so Marisa can’t use her spell cards! This forces Marisa to respond in kind by taking up arms and hiring her own small troop of fairy helpers. With guns that have abilities linked to her friends, it’s time to stop Pachouli’s madness and make a safer future for books!
DynaMarisa | Genre: Action, shooting
Developer: Twilight Frontier
Publisher: Twilight Frontier
Language: Japanese
Release: 2011
File size: 238 MB
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