Drain Dungeon [RJ235501] [Flamme Soft]

 “When you leave this place you will return to Level 1. Since that’s the case either way, won’t you let us feed on your experience?”

In a strange labyrinth that resets heroes’s levels upon exit,
you are offered a deal by pretty life-draining succubi.

In order to defeat a certain someone… They need to grow strong.
and they need YOU to grow strong… so they can slurp your levels away.

A prospect of pleasure… your answer is simple. When you gain levels and grow strong,
your cum and XP will be delightfully drained by a succubus. That’s one way to play this roguelike non-field RPG.

Make your way through dungeons with simple, quick progress.
Discover random events with almost every ecchi scene
resulting in the protagonist’s loss of levels.

There’s nothing particularly hardcore; recommended for slightly masochistic fans.


Title: Drain Dungeon
Developer: Flamme Soft
Publisher: Flamme Soft
Release date: 28 Sep, 2018
Version: 1.05
Language: English (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)




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