Dark Elf r18

It’s a story about a dark elf and a teenager who survived from death field after experiencing countless death.
The background is that after the war and in the peaceful world, Frelia the former mercenary saved the young Ruse who was attacked, and took him in.
Title: Dark Elf
Genre: AdventureIndieRPG
Developer: ONEONE1
Publisher: SakuraGame
Release Date: 3 Aug, 2017


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29 thoughts on “Dark Elf r18

      1. That really depends on your action in the game, if you’re evil enough and let the girl cheat on the little guy, then yes it’s NTR, but if you’re a saint and avoid all the rape attemps, then you’ll get your good ending. Well from what I remember, this game should have multiple routes.

  1. I’m new to this type of games and my question is do I have to pay in this site to dowload these games?. Thanks for reading this.

      1. Oh right, so because I had nothing to do with the translation my opinion is invalid…? It’s literally run through a machine translator without any quality control at all. What? Do you want me to say “Ah, great job with the translation guys!”. Also, how would donating make the translation any better? They know they can just do the same thing with their other games and still earn loads, so they don’t and probably won’t pay for a proper translator to tackle the project.

        1. opinion? where? i dont see any opinion but a complaining free loader whose crying about a FREE game and FREE translations! man you are tunnel vision, are you HELPING in anyway? and so, have you donated or helped in anyway? have you GAVE your free time to help translate or help with codes? and yeah you really should thank them, other wise good luck playing this in japanese, and asking for a walk-through and complain some more, oh sorry, STATE your self called “Opinion”.

          1. OK fair enough on the opinion comment. As for whether I’ve translated anything, I have. On ulmf you’ll find that I translated Safi’s Ecchi Adventure and I’m working on another project now. But even so, why does it matter whether I’ve given my free time to translating or coding? I just expect a better standard from a circle this good. Also, I get that I’m freeloading but why does that mean that I can’t comment on what I think? What are you here for? Just to look at the reviews?

          2. Hello im a lazy fat weeb guy, i hope by downloading games illegaly free, i can get all nice features such as perfect translation, i can not donate because i’m poor as fk, i even turn on adblock on my browsers. I hope i can speak japanese, but i can not because i spend all my time to playing video games, wathing porn and masturbate, pls fix the subtitle.

          3. If they decide to half baked the project, might as well not do it from the start, this translation is AIDS indeed.

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