Da Capo 3 R X-Rated

The sakura that bloomed year-round are now a thing of the past and Hatsune Island is now known as an island that shows that beauty of each season.
Kiyotaka is a second-year student at Kazami Academy who is part of the news club along with the school idol Rikka, his younger sister-like childhood friend Himeno, his mixed-race cousin Charles, hard-working junior who skipped a grade and is in his class Sara, and energetic in spirit but weak in body Aoi.
Title D.C. III ~Da Capo III~
Original title D.C.III ~ダ・カーポIII~
Aliases DC3
Length Long (30 – 50 hours)
Links Wikipedia
Developer Circus
Language English
Rating 18+


Da Capo 3 R X-Rated Download

Size : 4.3GB

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23 thoughts on “Da Capo 3 R X-Rated

    1. i think there is no english version of it (the gold one). Only partial patch for battle and main menu option in english.

      1. thanks admin~ if enyuu senki gold already translate in english really hope you can upload here as soon as posible~ love you admin for answer my question~

  1. Does anyone have this problem while playing this game?I downloaded the game and when opened a opps page pop up come out and make the game crush and thus creating a crash dmp file.anyone had solutions?

  2. umm… can you please re-upload the g-drive link?
    it seems to be dead……
    thanks in advance 🙂
    Edit: nevermind it seems like google chrome won’t open it. I tried opening it with internet explorer and it worked!!
    thanks for your hard work btw

    1. Just add it to your GDrive → The file now in your GDrive, right click on it → Create a copy of this file. Download the copy of the file.

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