Custom Maid 3D 2 – カスタムメイド3D2

Game: Custom Maid 3D2
Expansion: Custom Maid 3D2+
Company: KISS
Release Date: 2015/07/24
Language: English
Rating: 18+


Custom Maid 3D 2 download

Size : 9GB
Single link
KumpulbagiGDriveFilescdn – Uploadhaven
1GB link
DLC + Update!fpgFAbaS!9uUPXC-TeU7vJgMVh7YS2w
Install game > Install Upadate 1.12 > Install Update 1.12 to 1.30 > Install HF Patch


353 thoughts on “Custom Maid 3D 2 – カスタムメイド3D2

  1. Athena can we have a the DLC + update on Google drive/ kumpulbagi link?
    It’s too slow on mega. Please

  2. HF patch didn’t work, it have different patch .
    I try instal it but I just get a black screen in game, it’s working fine before but in japan

        1. Basically, after you’re applied all update things from the “Tengoku” folder.
          You need to run CM3D2 HF-Patch – v125.0 file afterwards.
          During the install it should ask if you want to create a shortcut or not.
          Shortcut will be called “Custom Maid 3D 2”.
          Afterwards, I right-clicked the shortcut ==> Properties ==> Advanced ==> Run as Admin.
          After that it worked for me without error.

          1. Yes.
            Quite frankly, I was afraid as well that all the effort would have gone to waste.
            It didn’t seem like the order of installing them mattered.
            As a newer files never got overwritten by older ones.
            Although, the post above doesn’t tell you to install everything separately, which I did.
            Not sure if required or not.

          2. In what order with which you install it, or you just like “fuck it just install this all in no particular order” like that?

          3. No particular order… If that answers your question.
            Just the HF Patch as last.

          4. thank you, the reason i keep asking is just because all of the extra stuff totaled about 17 gigs…

          5. Oh thanks, it got translate now. But every time the maid chat it still in japanese though, I wonder if it’s because I use the DLC?

          6. It worked perfectly for me.
            Does a DOS screen pop up before launching the game?
            I do admit that I have NTLEAS installed separately to run other Japanese games.
            Not sure if that can help.

          7. Yes, it does pop up and if you close it the game will closed too. When you instal HF Patch did it says “Installed game version (129) may have some issue with patch (125)” ?

          8. Now that you mention it, I have the same issue.
            Other than that the game works for me.
            Might need to check HongFire to see if there’s any updated files.

          9. well at least the option and other conversation is in english, it just I didn’t understand what my maid said, lol .
            I guess that’s good enough for now

  3. Install game > Install Upadate 1.12 > Install Update 1.12 to 1.30 > Install HF Patch
    So i did this then how to install DLC? Help please cause I dont want to mess it up like my 3d Custom Maid 1 installation…

  4. athena can you please upload all to google drive or solidfiles, using other file hosting seems really slower to me than the two i mentioned. i got 5 mb/s for gdrive and solid , as for the rest got 600-800kb/s

    1. oh i just reliazed there’s gdrive link, but it would be great if using solidfiles for more highspeed. pardon me for me mistake

    1. I guess it depend on your OS, is it 32-bit or 64-bit .
      and to install it,
      Install game > Install Update 1.12 > Install Update 1.12 to 1.30 > Install HF Patch

    2. Custom Maid 3d2 have problems with 64 bit so you should run it in 32-bit (even the HF patch only patches the 32 bit anyway)

      1. how did u use mega downloader?didn’t know how to insert the link , i tried to insert the link but nothing happen

  5. My game crashes after the character creation screen. Did I install something wrong? Maybe it was the DLC. Either way I installed it, uninstalled then reinstalled and it still isn’t working. It is on 32 bit as well.

  6. I install the game, then install the two updates after and then the HF patch like recommended but my game always crashes when I finish the character creator screen. I haven’t installed any DLC. I am running the translated .exe as administrator, too.

    1. Hmmm.
      It either has to do with the installing of patches / using the correct shortcut.
      Or rather “Power Saving Mode” is causing the issue for multiple games.
      That’s my best guess.

    2. I had been following the instructions above ” Install game > Install Upadate 1.12 > Install Update 1.12 to 1.30 > Install HF Patch ”
      Then When Starting Game ” error ” such

      1. Well, if you did use the shortcut from the HF Patch, then the error might not come from the game.
        It would have to be an issue with your graphics card or you are running the game from an external hard drive.

      1. try right click and run as admin or change compatibility in windows xp ( service pack 3 )

    1. do you have to burn the iso to install it? Clearly I can’t manage to install it by just extracting the iso stuff and running the installer. I always get an error.

  7. Question: WHAT and HOW do you install first? Whenever I extract from the cm_1.iso file and try to install, I get an error…any ideas?

  8. Can someone explain to me which files must i use and how to use them to install the game?? then how to install the updates and the patch please.

  9. does anyone have the same error in the translation when youre on the first maid interview, it doesnt get translated??

  10. when i start the game after having install all the updates and patch i get an error log with text such as that NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    at CharacterMgr.AddStock (Boolean f_bMan, Boolean f_bNpc) [0x00000] in :0
    at CharacterMgr.AddStockMaid () [0x00000] in :0
    at CharacterMgr.LoadDefault () [0x00000] in :0
    at SceneWarning.Update () [0x00000] in :0
    Running the game as administrator doesn’t help. What went wrong ?

    1. I solved mine by getting rid of the VR files (I don’t have an Oculus Rift nor any VR kit but I installed anyway. Apparently, it’s buggy or something so people who uses VR kits told others to delete it or so. Perhaps that may be the solution. Mine works fine after deleting the VR dlcs from the Gamedata. Just search VR and delete the files that comes out through your search. Idk if it’s just a temporary fix or a permanent but will update to see if there are any problems that was caused by deleting this file.

    2. Try backuping your saves and then reinstall it fresh and try adding dlcs one by one by one and test it out.
      Seems like other forums say that it may have something to do with the gamedata files not being correct

    3. I have no idea why but for me, when I save every time in any opportunity I get, it seems to be working. Perhaps my save file is corrupted. Who knows. Best way to play the game with least amount of bugs is to to play the game with no HF patch, all latest as in going to the official website to install the official patch, then install all dlcs. Then, it really shouldn’t have any bugs.

  11. Ok first off, let me tell you what I did.
    1. Install the game
    2. Install the update, but I didn’t install the 1.31 hotfix
    3. Install the DLCs
    4. HF patch it (version 125)
    At first, when I click on “START”, when it goes to maid edit mode, it gave me an error along the line of “error in loading maid model”.
    Since I have a backup of the game before the HF patch, I use it and create my first maid first. After that I install the HF patch and this happens… The UI is completely broken…
    What to do? Install the 1.31 hot fix?

    1. I’ve experienced this broken/transparent ui before
      Try to delete folder UnityInjector/Config/Assets
      and then install CM3D2 English UI R4.2 (Latest from hongfire)
      or install latest hf patch : HF-Patch [v1.0.131.0]
      but hongfire site is still down for maintenance.. 🙁

        1. i guess that’s when u create ur first maid..
          and that’s NOT an error.. just click ok and wait for 1-2 minutes…
          try to look at the log/second window… patch needs some times to translate the interface..
          it should be like this.. 🙂

          1. HOLY SHIT IT’S NOT?!
            I didn’t knew….
            My game finally work (hopefully no another stuff happens).
            Thank you SOOO MUCH.

          2. Do you know where I can find any 1.3.0 Custom maid 3d 2 update? The official patch release is already beyond this so if I update to that, HF patch doesnt work.

          3. Hey do you know what to do in the scene that pops up when you first open Custom Maid 3d 2? (the warning sign. I tried waiting for five minutes and it won’t go away) did you perhaps experience something similar?

            I literally get stuck here. How did you get pass through this? I tried clicking but all it makes is a noise
            and on the cmd, all it say is
            nullreferenceexception: object reference not set to an instance of an object
            everytime I click. Did you click anything to get pass through this? Wait? I also tried waiting for five minutes straight but nothing happened.

  12. Ehmm so can someone help me?
    what is this?
    I following the order to install the game, the game won’t start

  13. Admin..Can help how to install this DLC and Update .. I dunt now how to install that all 17gb dlc..when i try install all that 17gb dlc …then its done when i start game black screen hahahaha and i exit it ‘Crash’ Help me please…Give the toturial installer T.T

        1. Just look at the numbers as you install.
          After applying the patches to 1.3.0, go through the list of dlcs and start with the ones that have numbers (1-11, 1-4, winter-summer)
          just remember to check if the updater patch jumps quite high like
          then don’t install that dlc yet. go to others and install others first. Also, Chu Lips are useless unless you have the hardware+software installed.
          Some DLCs have patches to the 1.3.0 as well so watch out for those. Just don’t let the update file patch things that have high differences between two numbers and you are good.

    1. you are better off asking that question at anime-sharing or hogfire. People will answer you there since there are more people with more knowledge.

  14. I have an error with the DLC’s, I’ve downloaded them many times and with some of the DLC’s I always have the same WinRar error: File damaged or unknown format

  15. I saw some character that looked like some anime character (like Kashima). Is that a mod or did they just took their time to edit the body manually?

  16. in what order the dlcs need to be installed? i tried to use the dlc Yandere personality but didnt unlock anything in game

  17. The game works perfecting when installed but when I installed all of the DLCs it just shows up a black screen, help?

  18. heyy a little help here..!
    why my dialo box / config box collor is so bad?
    help me pls….

          1. I installed the new update but still have the problem…. Does any1 know how to fix this?

  19. Took me 3 days to install this game… because I needed ver 1.32.1 of the game for the Yatogi skill class DLC…
    I made a video of how to install this if someone is confused about installing this game.

  20. HELLO could someone please tell me where’s the Expansion: Custom Maid 3D2+??
    i can’t find it in game files

  21. Some of the DLC is broken, pls re-upload. So far, i found that the “onee chan” and some of the “DLC set” is broken.

  22. Can someone add a link for update 1.32.1 and another link for an HF Patch that supports v.1.3 or higher? It doesn’t have to be now but I would appreciate it in the near future for a better English experience without any complications…thank you…

  23. i don’t really like asking for help on this. i have tried multiple things all of which have not helped and probably messed everything up. every time i try to run the game this error message pops up in the command prompt. i don’t know if i messed up during the download or not. i would love some assistance if anybody knows how to fix this. its probably going to be something really simple and i’m just stupid

  24. I have a problem. The penis of the guy is not matching the girl, it’s lower than it should be, is there a fix for this?

  25. Where the heck is the 132.1 update? I’ve been searching for it all day and I just cant find it!
    Anyone have a download link?

  26. My game crashes every time I click on the eyes or eybrows section on the creation menu. Also, when I change her pubic hair. Any help would be appreciated. ^.^

  27. Damn… Chu-B Lip patch re useless if you dont have the device, lmao, the device is for your d**k and it costed around 300dollars….not include HTC Vive for VR Mode, which works with Chu-B Lips as well… looks like im broke :3

  28. I have a problem. i tried download from gdrive 3 times but it came up as download error so i download Custom Maid 3D 2 from Copiapop for this site. 10 files = 9.30gb how do i extract and install it. It’s showing an error message when trying to install it and i put the computer local is japan and i download HF_pAppLoc_1.2 to help so can someone help me ??

  29. HI ive been having an issue with the installation, when I go to download after mounting to the Daemon tools, it will only install up to 8% then it will all dissapear, the first time I tried it, it went to the normal 45% then asked for the second disk, I did so but then it did the same thing, I really really want this to work but Im beginning to loose hope could you help please??

  30. Those who having problem Yatogi error, try delete your x64 folder and x64.exe before using HF patch . .it’s worked for most of us.
    I’m sorry if this doesn’t work for you.

  31. The above google drive link has the maximum bandwidth and further downloads are blocked you can find the google drive link on

  32. whenever i try to start the game (on 32bit or 64) it keeps saying Yotogi.category error… i’ve installed the 1.12 update to 1.30 … but it keeps doing that…
    also the HF Patch didnt work as well, it said :
    ERROR: The game is an unsupported version. This patch only supports version 1.04, but found: mainData not correct size
    Install the official patch 1.04 and then run this patch again.
    (ctrl+C to copy this message)
    please help me solve the problem

    1. Uuum . .I’m not really sure about the other problem but I’ll give u a suggestion about Yotogi error. Let’s see . .
      Before using any kind of patch,
      Try deleting x64 Executable and x64 Folder ..
      Apply all patch normally after deleting . .
      About HF Error, you’ll need others to help u.
      I’m sorry if this doesn’t fix your problem.

    1. this works fine for me thanks to Chizuru_W :
      before installing any of the patch and updates delete x64 executable and x64 folder after you install the game, then after you delete it install all of the patch and updates.
      FYI the latest update1.41 works with the latest HF patch 1.31

  33. I Think in another web you must instal Apploc to use Jepang region before instal the game and then instal update and HF

    1. you must have installed the dlc christmas 2016 event, right?
      Well, try deleting the dlc gamedata that has “xmas” names in it from the game gamedata (there are about three of them) after that it should works normally
      *I got the same problem too but I did that and it works!

          1. Well my pop up mentioned ‘scenario xmas 2016 with a bunch of japenese texts around it. Could you be chance tell me which dlc is causing the issue?

          2. really? are you sure there are no ‘xmas’ files in your game gamedata?
            If you’re really sure, then what dlcs have you update so far?

          3. I have patched the base game to version 1.43
            I have all the monthly packs.
            All the ‘append’ stuff.
            Dlc set 1-12.
            Denkigai 2015 summer and winter.
            Denkigai 2016 summer. Kanotsuku2
            And preorder bonus 1-10

    1. How about playing through CM3D2.exe instead of CM3D2x86.exe? Mine are freezing in loading screen just before day 1 when I use the latter, but it immediately fixed when I use above solution.

      1. Thanks for the answer Zero Vault
        The newest patch is 143.1?
        If it is i already did said patch.
        Can there be any other reason to why the bug appears?

  34. Guys, if you wanna play this, install the game and all the updates first, then the DLC. The newest (1.43.1) patch contains all the files that’s needed for the DLC contents, so you can feel free to add any DLC after that.
    And one suggestion: DO NOT use any 3rd party patch, even the HongFire one. This game, unlike Illusion, is getting updated constantly, so using it is more like to break your game.
    I’m surprised that this game is able to run in 60FPS at 7680*4320 resolution… 4K suddenly becomes garbage! xD

  35. can someone tell me which links are the patches and DLC etc? I know it says in what order to download them but I don’t know which link is which

    1. Everything is in the last two links (DLC + Update)
      I’m using Mega folder, which took me quite a few days to stuff in everything.
      What’s more, once you have 1.12 & 1.43.1 update installed, you are free to choose DLC that you want & ignore the one you don’t. DLC doesn’t need to be installed in order, just pick a random package and the updater made by Kiss will automatically ignore files that doesn’t need to be patched.

        1. Oops, sorry for late replying.
          Just realized they removed 1.43 from Mega folder, so the one you wanna have will be 1.46.1 now.

      1. Dont install the english patch or play on version 1.43. Beaware if you intend to play on 1.43 do not install any addon from 2017

  36. Hi guys every time i try to install the first iso file at 26% it blocks telling me that there is a Texture.arc or even at 11% a sound.arc error, can anyone help me solving this issue? i have windows 7 x64

  37. I cannot get the Act 2 expansion to work fully. I can propose and have a wedding but after the wedding I get stuck on the screen for the next day. (Like the page that says what day it is). Could I be missing files?

  38. Execution Engine execption : Sigill
    i kept getting this error, 1.12 update to 1.30 with HF 125 no luck, reinstall using update 1.12 to 1.45 the newer update with HF 131 no luck
    using Ntlea, HF Papploc, admin, normal double click, all result the same
    note: already japanese region before install, language pack also complete
    need help…..

  39. Hi!
    Can someone help me?
    The Oneechan and Genki personalities are not showing up for me. I have all the DLCs installed. What do I do?
    Also, does anyone know when a complete translation will come out?

    1. Do patch the game before installing any DLC… and I’m afraid this game will never get a FULL translation, it has too many lines included and new contents are being added constantly.

    1. You can use the Gdrive link. Click on the add to your drive button and then download it from your own drive.
      I don’t know how to install it though I’m getting errors in the installers but I can’t read Japanese 🙁

  40. i always get the Yotogi.Category error after the HF Patch was installed, i tried to open it with ntleas but it didn’t show up. how to fix?

    1. Re-install the game and DO NOT use ANY sort of 3rd party patch whatsoever.
      By 3rd party patch I mean things like HF translation.

  41. I wonder what DLC should i download for game vers 1.31(i used this vers since HF patch only go to 1.31 vers)… i need a list of what yotogi skills that work, what DLC that work and so on… anyone here can help me? if u can direct me to some link that show what works with what vers is good also 🙂

  42. hi ^^.. i’m getting the error “yotogi.stage – enum parse error” after installing the Denkigai 2016 Summer DLC…anyone got the solution ?

  43. …Seriously 36.59 GB…that much can’t even afford to download even if i were to download the whole thing….on phone but will download it on another time but anyway nice game pretty much have played it on a friends computer but overall love the game hope there’s more and thanks

      1. The question suppose to be you and my friend didn’t seem to mind at all though he knows my family’s poor and i can’t just afford to download this much space with my phone internet since i’m even connected to PC though i don’t have moderm so that’s your own problem solved it’s you that’s what’s wrong pffs

        1. what i’m saying downloading a sexual type of game and play it on your friend pc thats weird so your friend borrowed you his computer and his room for one day just for you to jerk off. its even creepy if both of you sitting on front of the monitor with you pants down say ” hey bro this is fun let me download some more of this shit because my family couldn’t buy me a computer but waste all my money on mobile data” and my imagination still going on that one pffssssss

          1. My friend downloaded the game since i asked him if he did play it so unfortunately yes and then yet i had to play it for that one time so what’s wrong with not asking a friend that has played it before if he said he did and yet i was able to play sheesh

          2. so if he have the game why didn’t he download the update himself and why did you Re-downloaded it if its already installed on your friend computer? you said you don’t have a Pc to play it. wha-whats going on here Mishiro-san?

          3. I didn’t say anything about re-installing the game but for the update i already managed it for him and gave my friend of copy of it and everything was worked out fine but the truth was that i was poor and of course my friend downloaded and saw the gameplay of it on youtube before me which was earlier and at that time when i said about my friend downloading the game and the part asking if he did play it or not but regardless he didn’t mind and knew my family was poor but had a good friend like him to count on since he had some few H games that were like many G.B’s i can’t handle to download games like that so…yeah i guess that’s all about it Kumin-kun or chan

          4. i hope that work out for you mishiro-san,if i were you i tell him to download the update himself because he got wifi connection.Love Kumin SenPAI Lol!.

  44. Hey is there anyone have problem on installing the NanaWind pack? Coz for some reason, there is always an error pop up after I authorize the update.exe to launch.

  45. I installed the latest version of the game (1.47) from the main site, but the HF patch is for the 1.31 so i have texture bug in the costumazation menu, but most important, when maids talk is not translated! How can i fix this?

  46. the game freeze after married session and stuck with loading screen?
    help pls, does anyone have solution for this?

    i deleted mine. lol. btw what a great site to get games 😀

  48. hi everyone !
    i patched the game from the 1.0 to 1.12 and 1.12 to last one but my game is not working … so i instal the last HF pack and the game still not working
    the only things i have is a black screen with numbers on the top left and a wheel with undraduced menu on the top right …
    do someone have an idea ? (im using win10 X64 game patched and instaled on X86(X32))

      1. You installed 32 bit version on a 64 bit computer, if it’d ever work, it has to be black magic. (Not to mention this game doesn’t seem to support Win10.)

        1. someone tels me to instal it on 32 bits…
          aslo; what i need to do is to instal the game -> patch to 1.12 -> patch to the last vertion -> instal HF
          that’s it ?

        2. I found a site to works on win 10 and X64 software
          I aplies the tutorial and my game is working great now !

  49. Is it safe to download this? My computer says the site may be hacked and the file i’m downloading could be dangerous.

  50. This is a must if you are going to play visual novels especially the works of fan translations. First is to set your Locale to Japan. go to Control Panel>Clock,Language and Region>Region and Language, new window will popup, go to Administrative Tab then you will see “Change system locale”, click it and change locale to Japan. If text is a bit weird, like too much space and spaces between letters of one word, I suggest installing some font styles like MS Gothic and MS Mincho. These are like, the default fonts styles for VN(before, dunno bout now tho). Hope this helps.

  51. Update 1.12 google file download is unstable, always stop downloading halfway and dead. Can upload to different place?

  52. Can someone please give precise instructions on the installation and the following procedures needed, I’m getting nowhere ~_~.
    AND! This is English patched, right?

  53. I just finish the game and got to the ending, but when i want to play it again it just a black screen. Help pls

  54. If you got something like black screen and:
    (japan shit) gamedata/motion
    Just go in the gamedata file and rename motion2 by motion, then do the same with voice2 and voice3, rename by voice_b and voice_c.
    Enjoy the game ;D

  55. Hey guys i have a problem after i finish making my maid and interviewing her and the next day after talking to my secretary maid, it wont load after, it’s just black screen, i get this “nullreference:Object reference..”
    uninstalling and installing it again won’t work
    i updated it to 1.50 with “CM3D2 HF-Patch – v131.0”
    yes i followed the instructions
    can anyone help?

    1. i get the same problem too, so i try to reinstalling and updated only till v1.3 and patch it with CM3D2 HF-Patch – v131.0, and now it play well
      but i don’t know how far can i update the DLC

  56. whenever I start the games and click the white CAT window it doesn’t start and on the other window red text error said “ExecutionEngineException SIGILL”
    Please help me, by the way I only had update 1.30

  57. hey guys i’ve install the game a few days ago, and i’ve been stuck here. Can i get a help for a solution of this plz

    1. hey i got the saame problem i cant find anithing to fix it im dispair too T_T

      1. ty for ur reply sir and i still haven’t solved my issue and i’m using windows 8.1 64 bit. Do u know other methods of solving this error. Or is it because of not installing dlc

    1. The game is asking you to create the male character, in other words, that will be you.
      You’re going to have your first maid quite a moment later.

    1. Is it adding a “?_escaped_fragment” followed by repeating some of the link? If so, find the “?_escaped_fragment”, after doing so, delete everything after that and try to search that address, that should, if I’m not mistaken, lead you to the main Mega folder to acquire the content.

  58. I don’t know why my comment was ‘detected as spam’, but alright. Too bad there wasn’t a reason, I mean, there probably is, I just wasn’t notified about it… I’m assuming because my issue probably doesn’t happen often or at all for other people that my comment was unnecessary and meant to throw other people off perhaps? I’m betting that’s the reason. Or… it was due to having a link in my comment… that’s probably it actually.
    Regardless, I’m looking forward to playing this game despite a trivial issue with my comment. Have a great rest of your day guys.
    ~~ Alter Valna ~~

        1. Corrupted data saver perhaps? Have you installed everything correctly and are you trying to load up an old save file?

          1. Yeah..until now i cant open the game..before i use Hf patch everything fine..after i use sybaris its start error

  59. can somebody help me out?… ive installed and patched the game like explained. It worked without any problems. Now ive installed the DLC´s (one by one … not together) and the game wont start again… [ ive saved my save-games and presets now (just in case) on my desktop to avoid losing them ]
    does anybody know, ho i reinstall these dlc´s ?

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