Cuckold Childhood Friend JK Asuna ~Escape from Hypnosis Room~

This work is an escape game where you control Asuna and solve simple quizzes and mysteries. There are no hassle-free elements such as combat or leveling. If you get hooked on the trap, you will go straight to the H scene, but as the room progresses, the hypnotic element from Hanada will become stronger and the situation will also be that Asuna falls to Hanada.
Also, the ending will branch depending on the number of times you get hooked on the trap.

We have also implemented a full-open system for recollecting H scenes from the start of play, making it an easy RPG for those who do not have time. (Play time is assumed to be less than one and a half hours)


Title: Cuckold Childhood Friend JK Asuna ~Escape from Hypnosis Room~
Developer: torino sunakimo
Publisher: torino sunakimo
Release date: 7 May, 2022
Version: Final
Language: English (MTL by Nighturnal)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)




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