Chrono Clock Unrated

Next in line to manage a large corporation is our protagonist, Rei Sawatari. He inherited one very important item from his grandfather, the pocket watch. A mysterious power lurks within that pocket watch.
‘The power to go back in time five minutes.’
It’s a power that he can use as many times as he wants, but it’s somewhat difficult to make use of.
Title Chrono Clock
Original title クロノクロック
Length Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer Purple Software
Publishers Purple Software
Language English
Rating 18+


Chrono Clock Unrated Download

Size : 3.5GB

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38 thoughts on “Chrono Clock Unrated

  1. game stops working when i try to load my save file or just randomly stop working if i leave it alone for a few minutes. anyone have a clue as to how i can fix this?

  2. Should really use mega links bar the google drive which is overused and cant download from other links are useless so slow.

  3. i read this on nutaku and here are my thoughts when i first read
    So basically we are DIO with Za Warudo but good That sounds awesome

    1. mosaic censorship is necessary even in Japan a great deal of the time, so getting versions of certain eroges uncensored is literally impossible, as they were never “Uncensored” to begin with. Hope it’s not too big a problem for you, but it’s somewhat unavoidable.

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