Ascendant Hearts

Ascendant Hearts is a visual novel where you wake up in a strange new world before going on a real-life RPG adventure with three wacky party members.Hayato lived an ordinary life until he wakes up one day with amnesia… and finds himself in a world closer to the video games he plays than the world he remembers.
Title: Ascendant Hearts
Genre: AdventureCasualIndie
Developer: Visualnoveler
Publisher: Visualnoveler
Release Date: 19 Jan, 2018


Ascendant Hearts Download

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25 thoughts on “Ascendant Hearts

          1. well, i was a gamer for the past 22 years and finished something betweed 50-60 VN’s over the past 4 years (when i actually came to liking them) and never read that contraction^^

          2. Same to me, Im was a gamer for the past 15 years, and i like more the VNs but really never seen that contraction

          3. I don’t know if two go hand in hand to be honest. I have game over 20 years and rarely talked about the voice actors to friends. I personal don’t consider VN video games so that might be why. Not sure its common gamer knowledge but usual easy quick uptake for anyone that watches any animation with voice acting.

        1. you’re the one that definately has to shut the hell up or is your worthless life that uneventful that you need to troll people online to feel alive?

          1. Actually that were not a trolling but a my opinion about this shit of a game. Pull the burning stick out of your ass and chill out lol. Watching you grown up otaku retards defending your fap material is funny though.

          2. well, so i’m stating my opinion about you once more…
            you’re simply some worthless moron and you should definately stay away from hddgames-discussions since nobody is interested in your so called opinion, that in reality is just senseless trolling

          3. Then don’t try to speak english and try looking down others with your fucking ugly grammar.

          4. Who the fuck you think you are to tell me what to do? Reality check boy, you are not the centre of the universe. A little angry grammar nazi, lol

      1. the guy is self hating troll. All he does is bitch about everything but choose to spend his time on these sites, reading these comment sections, and taking time to write comments and keep responding. He is like that pathetic homophobic priest condemning gay people while he secretly has gay sex. Personal I would ignore an idiot like this because he is going to bitch no matter what.

    1. if you’re really going to nitpick, you might as well point out “Amnesia…/…not the world he remembers”

    2. I mean, really, what manner of reaching another world HASN’T been used in an anime? There are only so many variations, dude. Space flight, simulation, or teleportation. has memory, doesn’t have memory…. that’s it.
      You could also say the movie Avatar was a ripoff of the story Dances With Wolves, swapping the alien aspect with the old west and it’s a pretty damn close call.

    3. Tbf, that’s intentional, since the whole game makes fun of the tropes of JRPG, also is not an eroge (at least the version that I played). It’s just an OK VN, nothing awesome, but has some funny moments.

  1. Having played the game, I can safely say this: Video-game roosters are just as god-awful alarm-clocks as the real thing.

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