Artificial Academy 2 English Complete Edition

Artificial Academy 2
AA 2 cover on

Artificial Academy 2 FULL GAME + DLCs – ENGLISH – 9.5GB

Developer: Illusion
Release date: June 13, 2014
Theme: Eroge, 18+, Simulator, School, Sandbox, 3-D
Rating: 18+
Language: English ( Patch )
Size: 9GB+

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (x86/x64)
CPU: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Hard drive: 12 GB
Graphics hardware: 256 MB, Pixel Shader 2.0


Artificial Academy 2Artificial Academy 2


GDrive + Mega



106 thoughts on “Artificial Academy 2 English Complete Edition

  1. What is the difference between the Virgin Edition and this?
    The virgin edition weighs 13 Gb.
    Thanks 😀

  2. It’s really great game. I am playing for a long time. Thumbs up for the creators of this awesome game.

  3. You know why this game is on my top favorite H-game made by Illusion and even among any other ones? Art Design (anime style my favorite, with really lovely graphics), Open World (not that open but it’s better than nothing), Interaction (I would really love it if there were more environment interaction though), Relationship Build (Kinda funny when you’re messing with the 999% cheat) and especially especially CUSTOMIZATION ( Best waifu customization I have ever seen especially due to the vast amount of personalities, even better with mods, actually messing with the Apricot personality as Fujibayashi Kyou from Clannad, I think this is my favorite one among them all)
    But you know what? This game can actually be one of my most hated H-game ever. Why? I have the power to read and take over people’s mind. Haha no no that’s not exactly why I hate it. It’s good to have something that makes relationship management easier, but when I see that my girlfriend is curious about another guy(s) and she may eventually say to herself “No doubt it’s love! kyaa xD” ……………………..haha (ntr). Putting the singleminded and Evil trait with highest virtue will make her stop thinking that you say? Haha good joke. If only actually there was an option to block the caress and love/lewd topic conversation that would be good……but I will feel bad for those who are still single so perhaps no. I thought about making an all-girl school but I kind of find it strange to be the only guy there and I really feel lonely when I don’t have any buddy friend.
    Anyway even if it got something that really makes my kokoro cry, it’s still the best H-game for me and I really hope Illusion will make an even better game of this kind in the future (with anime style of course, AG3 got huger interaction than AA2 but the style is not really my cup of tea)
    [Yeah yeah I know I put too much words in my review.]

  4. Your link doesn’t work on my computer… Only get a message that it failed to download the install program due to a network error 🙁

  5. -Warning-
    It is a Trojan. I repeat it is a Trojan. This virus will cause your pc to spaz out and if you do restart there is a spam tech call and you are locked out. Do not engage with it. Do NOT download from this link. If any of you have this problem and are ok with factory set here is an article(*windows*) :
    You’re welcome~ just trying to help.
    !!!This is replying towards Ella Lener’s comment!!!

  6. i honestly cant get this to work…. I do everything like it says but when I get to the append discs it says it “Failed to get the files you want to copy. Please try to compare the actual file name and the file name that is written in text again”…. anyone got a fix for this???

  7. Hi
    I have got Windows 7, 64x
    I followed the instruction literally.
    I’m unable to install the game! I can install the “edit” OK, but the game’s setup is not.
    It opens, loads, asks for directory, and loads for long time, only little of the progress green bar is passing, then I receive error message..
    It is in Japanese, but I think it has the three choices: Abort, Retry, and Ignore.
    I tried putting Disk2 and Disk3 but no use.
    I tried the “Retry” button forever with no use.
    The Ignore does nothing, same as the Retry.
    Please help!!

      1. go into your control panel and go into your region setting. There is going to be an administrator locked command for changing system locale. switch it to japan.

  8. hei athena can u reupload to Google Drive or Torrent ?
    got problem with kumpulbagi here , and copiapop doesnt let me login at all

  9. Worked for me so far but..i have no characters or 3d models inside the game. I’ve must done something wrong :/

  10. Ello, would anyone happen to have had the problem of your Interactions always being 0% no matter what u do….even if you use that one AA2Play JS Frontier, where you press Right click to do the 999% cheat 🙁 can anyone help me if they have figured out how to fix it?

  11. i want to download this game but i’m really scared i’ll get get a virus like last time i tried to download something without help. can someone help me with this?

  12. :3 My third favorite game. My second being the Monster Girl Quest game. (My equation for a good eroge: (Story = Mood) + ( “Content” Variety = replay value ) = Game

  13. So many people trash talking this site and the links. The download works just fine. I’ve downloaded at least 9 other games from the this website. Never once have I had a problem. Now talking about the game, This game is awesome and is super fun to play. 10/10 the devs did great work.

    1. no we are not bashing HDDGAMES…they are perfectly legit…we comment on others that say ‘I couldn’t get it to work…come to THIS site…that’s who we are bashing…like “Ella Lener” above…

  14. guys how can 3p how can dıe 😀 and how can download new carachters .D ı have only fırst carachters

  15. I got errror when patching using HF Patch file
    “bla bla bla jg1_p0_00_00.pp . Result ; -1”
    I forget for SS

  16. cant you admins get some better download links like mega or drive with the current ones it takes like 30 hours of downloading

  17. When I try to mount the Disk1 it doesn’t let me it says I don’t have permission is there a way to fix this

  18. Can someone explain to me why when I unzip the files Applocale (HF pAppLoc1.2) and Artificial Academy 2 are empty?

  19. for those who want the full game in japanese, it will be a headache, because a lot of the links on sites like anime-sharing and hongfire are dead, and if you got what you were seeking, still you’re missing stuff like the DLC 2 and the non-free Append set 1 and 2, which aren’t available, as example it took me 4 whole days to get almost all the stuff, and still, i’m missing DLC 2
    some recommended to get the “Artificial Academy 2: Virgin Edition”, which contains all the DLC’s, append sets and extras, but so far i haven’t found ant version of it, only “preinstalled rips”

  20. I keep getting an error from peazip when extracting the .ISO files. It says I do not have permission or am not using the correct password possibly due to corrupted data from 1ficshier

  21. when im still using windows 7 i can play it without problem, now im using windows 10 and the game feels so heavy when talking/editing character, can someone help me?

  22. For the folks at windows 8 or newer who happened to have some trouble, you might consider using locale emulator.

  23. AV also tried to block certain browsers as malware. Not saying don’t trust your AV, failing to do so is the death of many PCs, but take a look at the files yourself.

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