All the Older Beachside Girls are Super Salacious!

Circle: survive
Release: Aug/05/2021
File format: MP4
Genre: Loli, Shota, Bitch/Slut, Underwear, Harem, Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Orgy Sex, Consensual Sex
File size: 1.56 GB

Pan tou Butterfly’s popular oneshota harem CG collection has been turned into a fluid motion comic!

Enjoy the beautiful CG with voice, SFX, and BGM to enhance the immersion!

Summer vacation at the beach is just the best.
Skimpy swimsuits, big tits, beautiful girls as far as the eye can see…

Even since those two girls teased my dick on the train, I’ve been feeling particularly horny too.

So when I get lost, and end up peeping on some girls getting changed, I can’t stop myself.
However, I get caught…

And so started my summer of daily sexual teasing at the hands of these lewd older girls,
and even my classmates!


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