A Housewife’s Healing Touch

 Shion — a young man unable to manifest his magical powers even after coming of age — is left in the care of a family that specializes in magical research. After finally unleashing his potential during a terrible incident, he is taken under the wing of a skilled healer — Rui — who promises to teach him how to control his powers. But to properly command magic, a man needs a profound knowledge about carnal matters.

Will Shion be able to save Rui from a terrible fate, or will he let her become the village’s plaything?

“I want to be pampered by a sexy, mature woman!”
“I want to see a multitude of men defile a sexy, mature woman!”
This game was developed to fulfill these desires.


Title: A Housewife’s Healing Touch
Developer: AliceSoft
Publisher: AliceSoft 9 (Website – Twitter)
Release date: 26 May, 2022
Version: Final
Language: English (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)



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