3D Girl Custom Evolution

3D Girl Custom Evolution, the successor to the long-running hentai PC game, 3D Custom Girl. While the original game had you dress up a custom-created girl, then place her in a setting and perform adulterated actions with a transparent male character, this new version has you playing the male character.You have a house, and you have a wife. Find her in the house at the start of the game, and you can customize her to your liking. Have her follow you through the game by holding hands, and you can take her out of the house, to meet nearly 2 dozen female characters, sprawled out over a beautiful japanese island landscape – a school, a hospital, a shrine, an inn… and more! Interact with these NPCs by yourself, or have threesomes including your wife! Level-up your wife (currently the maximum level is 3) by having intercourse with her and ejaculating inside of her over and over.


3D Girl Custom Evolution Download

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Single link

Single link

Extract > Mount mdf file > Install

For 3dgevo_patch.rar > extract > extract all rar files inside > copy .tdg files to arcs folder

English Patch


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  1. Hello Admin/Uploader, is it possible for you to upload this one on G-Drive. If yes, I will appreciate it. If not, sorry to be a bother.

    1. 2 possible solutions
      1. Install Latest DirectX
      2. Install HF pAppLoc , then run the game using option “Run With Japanese Locale as Admin”

      1. If the file name is in Japanese on a computer with a different language, the file will not run.
        Simply rename the file and it should work.
        EDIT: Sorry, I clicked on the image and I saw it was in english.
        Did you try to re-extract the file? it may have skipped over something.

  2. hey admin i have a problem with d3 whatever the system say even i already have the system
    can you give me advice

    1. Should be easy enough to find how to run it. Try to find the “application” or .exe that runs the game. I will let you know more when I try it out.

  3. why bother upload this shit when you cant give us complete instructions on how to install and for SURE THAT IT WILL WORK..!! dont waste people’s time. -100/10..!!!

  4. Here the tutorial to install.
    Download all 3 part and extract it to folder.
    Now mount the mdf file (the biggest one) with Alcohol120% or any DVD/CD Burner.
    and then install it.
    For 3dgevo_patch.rar > extract > extract all 6 rar files then copy all file that contained .tdg to arcs folder (from the location where you install the mdf file).
    For the English Patch download it and copy to the same folder where you copy the .tdg file.

  5. This game looks like it has amazing features. I will try it! Thank you so much guys! Thanks Athenavna for keeping the link up so we can find it 🙂

  6. Errr . .I’ve a problem on how adding the mod but no problem on installing.
    Let see. Before installing, please ensure that u have “HF pAppLoc” installed on your PC.
    1) Extract All Files including 3dgevo_patch.rar
    2) Mount File (if needed only)
    3) Setup the Game With “LocaleEmulator or AppLocale set to Japanese and with Admin rights”
    4) Before Begin Installation, Change the Installation folder to Bullet3DGCE [*Important, else white screen only appear]
    5) Wait till installation done.
    6) Follow the instruction “For 3dgevo_patch.rar > extract > extract all rar files inside > copy .tdg files to arcs folder”
    7) Use Eng Patch
    8) Play with “LocaleEmulator or AppLocale set to Japanese and with Admin rights”
    Ummm . . I think that’s everything. Please Add me if I forgot something or correct me if I made some/many mistake(s)
    P/S: feel free to hate me if this doesn’t solve your problem XD , well at least I tried to help 😀

    1. Your progress will automatically saved by game itself but if u’re having a problem such as your save reset everytime u re-open the game, consider doing this:
      ~properly install this game, or/and , always run the game using right-click option “Run With Japanese Locale as Admin”. (you’ll need HF pAppLoc in order for this option to shows up on ur right -click)

    1. Minimum:
      CPU: Pentium4 1.4GHz
      RAM: 512 MB
      Disk Space Free: 3 GB
      nVidia GeForce FX5700 / ATI Radeon 9600
      Source: anime-sharing.
      p/s: if u’re worry about GPU, just look at the RAM requirement, I don’t think u’ll encounter any problem when trying to run this game, unless u made some mistakes on the installation process.

    Seriously, the concept of leveling her up by ejaculating in her strikes me as funny.

  8. HI guys, im new here. hehe *peace*
    Can I ask if theres a thing such as mods to remove the censored thing on the female character? thanks in advance

  9. Well, the game works for me now(after downloading some patches), not bad but…
    That’s it huh… This is just like a demo or taste-test kind of game.

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