Nope Nope Nurses

Hospital ≠ hospitality…?!
Yamada is afflicted with a rare condition that makes his life hard, and when he manages to break bones in both his hands too, he ends up on a medical bed with beautiful nurses tending to his every need.
Make no mistake, though—these nurses are vicious and no love sparks fly… Will young Yamada leave the hospital with his sanity intact?


Title: Nope Nope Nurses
Original title: 搾精病棟 ~性格最悪のナースしかいない病院で射精管理生活~
Aliases: 病房轶事 ~只有恶质护士存在的医院~
Developer: Dark One! (Website)
Publisher: Shiravune (Website)
Release date: Japanese 2021-04-30, English 2022-01-14
Version: Final
Language: English, Chinese (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Voice: Japanese




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