[Japanese] Himitsu Kichi de Himegoto

Having become a university student, the protagonist moved to a tranquil town.

When he got used to living in a new environment, he happened to find a girl going deep into a mountain. Following after her out of curiosity he found something that looks like a building.

“I-is anyone here?”

This was the first encounter with Yuki-chan for the protagonist in her secret fort. Since then he has played with her using toys. One of these days, he finds a porn book hidden in her fort. It seems like Yuki-chan is interested in H things…

“I’ll show you my d*ck if you were interested in those things.” The two’s secret activities begin here…


Type:Visual Novel
Tags:Nukige, Defloration
Original title:秘密基地で秘め事
Length:< 2 hours




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